Prayer of the Day

Jun 10, 2020

"OTHERS" Lord, help me live from day to day In such a self-forgetful way, That even when I kneel to pray, my prayer shall be for "Others" Help me in all the work I do to ever be sincere and true, and know, that all I do for You must need be done for "Others" And when my work on earth is Read More...

Jun 9, 2020

PRAYER FOR DEDICATION God of love, Father of all, the darkness that covered the earth has given way to the bright dawn of your Word made flesh. Make me and all who confess your holy name people of this light. Make me faithful to your Word that I may bring your life to the waiting world. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Jun 8, 2020

HOLD ON Hold on to what is good, even if it's a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believe, Even if it's a tree that stands by itself. Hold on to what you must do, Even if it's a long way from here. Hold on to your life, Even if it's easier to let go. Hold on to my hand, Even if I've gone away from you. Amen.

Jun 7, 2020

PRAISE TO THE HOLY TRINITY I praise You, Father all-powerful. I praise You, Divine Son, our Lord and Savior. I praise You, Spirit of Love. One God, three Persons, be near me in the temple of my soul. Draw me to share in Your life and love. In Your kindness grant to me and to my family the Read More...

Jun 6, 2020

SAINT NORBERT, BISHOP Father, you made the bishop Norbert an outstanding minister of your Church, renowned for his preaching and pastoral zeal. Always grant to your Church faithful shepherds to lead your people to eternal salvation. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns Read More...

Jun 5, 2020

SAINT BONIFACE Saint Boniface, you faced discouragement and failure and learned from them. Help us to hear God's message in our moments of failure and to use what we learn to serve God better. Amen.

Jun 4, 2020

FOR THOSE SEARCHING FOR GOD O Lord my God, Teach my heart this day where and how to see you, Where and how to find you. You have made me and remade me, And you have bestowed on me All the good things I possess, And still I do not know you. I have not yet done that For which I was Read More...

Jun 3, 2020

SAINT CHARLES LWANGA AND COMPANIONS Martyrs of Uganda, pray for the faith where it is danger and for Christians who must suffer because of their faith. Give them the same courage, zeal, and joy you showed. And help those of us who live in places where Christianity is accepted to remain aware of Read More...