Frequently Asked Questions

Does watching The Sunday Mass fulfill my Sunday obligation?

If you are physically unable to attend Mass, then The Sunday Mass does fulfill your obligation. We encourage you to contact your local parish to arrange for a Special Eucharistic Minister to bring you Holy Communion.

Does The Sunday Mass broadcast Mass for Holy Days of Obligation?

Besides the Sunday Mass, we only broadcast Mass on Christmas Day. Christmas Day Mass availability and broadcast times will vary by television market. Passion/Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday will be broadcast at their usual times.

How long can I use my Prayer Guide?

Each Volume of the Prayer Guide covers six months: from Advent until the end of May, and then June until the end of Ordinary Time.

When can I expect to receive my Prayer Guide?

If you order a Prayer Guide with your credit card, you can expect to receive it in 3-4 business days. If you are requesting a complimentary copy, it will be mailed in third class mail and will usually take 3-4 weeks.

When will I receive the next volume of The Prayer Guide?

If you are an active parishioner, then you will automatically receive future volumes of The Prayer Guide 2-4 weeks before you will need to start using it. If you have not received it two weeks before the new volume is to be used, please contact the office and we will have one sent to you.

Is the Prayer Guide available in large type?

We only have one type size for the Prayer Guide; the majority of our parishioners have no difficulty reading it.

Is the Prayer Guide available in any languages other than English?

The Prayer Guide is only in English.

What should I do with my old copies of The Prayer Guide?

You may recycle your Prayer Guide along with your other recycling.

Where can I find my Parishioner Number?

Your Parishioner Number is found above your name on all of our mailings.

Where is Immaculate Conception Church located?

Immaculate Conception is located at 8645 Edgerton Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11432. We tape the Masses in the Lower Church. If you would like to contact a member of The Sunday Mass, please call us at (855) SUN-MASS.

How can I have my Prayer Intentions on TV?

Please click here to learn more.

What does it mean to Sponsor The Sunday Mass?

Please click here to learn more.

Is The Sunday Mass closed captioned for the hearing impaired?

We do provide closed captioning for The Sunday Mass. If you are having difficulty enabling it, please consult your televisions instructions or contact your cable provider.

Will my email address or personal information be shared?

The Sunday Mass will not share your information with any other organization and we will not inundate you with unwanted email.

I have made a donation in the past; why is my email not recognized?

If you made your donation prior to June 2014, you did so on our old website. Our current website requires that you create a parishioner account before you make additional donations.

Is it safe to enter my password and credit card information?

Yes, The Sunday Mass uses the same secure Internet encryption technology as and major banks.