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Father Edward L. Beck, C.P.


Father Edward L. Beck, C.P. is the on-air Faith and Religion Commentator for CNN. He is also the author of three books, God Underneath, Unlikely Ways Home, and Soul Provider (all published by Doubleday) and of the play, Sweetened Water. Father Beck is also a chaplain to the incarcerated in both a state and federal prison. You can visit him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @FrEdwardBeck.

Father Beck's Books

God underneath

God Underneath: Spiritual Memoirs of a Catholic Priest Review

God Underneath, a memoir by the Catholic priest Edward L. Beck, is composed of moving, funny, and profound vignettes that blur the line between sermon and story. Beck's reflections meander through a variety of topics, including friendship, sexuality, illness, alcoholism, death, demanding mothers, reticent fathers, and the political struggles that doomed a spiritual retreat in Peoria, Illinois. Like a homily, each chapter begins with a verse of scripture, then proceeds to tell a story that helps readers understand that verse and, even more, learn to live it.

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Unlikely ways home

Unlikely Ways Home: Real-Life Spiritual Detours

From Publishers Weekly

Edward L. Beck’s first book, God Underneath, was hailed as “a graceful and gracious work of self-revelation and spiritual wisdom” by the Los Angeles Times, and a review in the Dallas Morning News declared, “Edward Beck is a heck of a writer, and his gem of a book is not to be missed . . . you will not be able to put this book down.” In Unlikely Ways Home, Beck once again uses anecdotes and observations from his work as a Catholic priest to reveal the spiritual dimensions of ordinary life.

The stories in Unlikely Ways Home encompass a wide range of topics, from the 9/11 attacks to such ongoing issues and concerns as addiction, adultery, and sexuality. Beck shares the poignant reflections of a man who lost his fireman son in the attack on the World Trade Center and describes, with refreshing honesty and compassion, the efforts of a gay couple to find a place for themselves within the Catholic Church. Written in a friendly, conversational style, Unlikely Ways Home is a moving, spiritually inspiring book that will appeal to both Catholic audiences and the general reader.

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Soul provider

Soul Provider: Spiritual Steps to Limitless Love

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. Sometimes in the quest for a deeper spirituality, we need to be reminded of the basics-the fundamental stepping stones toward spiritual progress throughout life. Beck, a Catholic priest, member of the Passionist religious order, and author of God Underneath, has an extraordinary gift for diving into the Christian spiritual tradition and emerging with profound perspectives and wisdom that speak directly to the heart. For this project, Beck looks to early seventh-century mystic St. John Climacus and his classic work The Ladder of Divine Ascent, and shows, step by step, how these ancient spiritual prescriptions for the good life are just as vital today. A gifted writer and storyteller, Beck delivers straightforward, honest and at times poignant prose, tying his own life experiences in when appropriate. All of the chapters integrate helpful quotations and end with reflection questions to aid readers with their own prayers. Writing about his inspiration for this book, the author states, I was encouraged to face my vices and demons, assured that they didn't have the power to overcome me, and then to move on. Beck conveys similar encouragement through this work, and many people will benefit.

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