Through The Cross

A Welcome Message from Father Paul

Father Paul welcomes Sunday Mass viewers, their families and friends to join him March 5th at 3PM right here on as he and his guests explore a wide variety of historic and contemporary topics from the Passionist perspective – looking through the lens of the Cross.

Our Livestream Program

Through The Cross: Building Our Community of Faith

Through the Cross with Father Paul is produced by Passionist Communications at Father Paul’s residence in New York. We need you! Father Paul will take your write-in questions live on air during each program so don’t forget to send in your questions and ideas!

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Upcoming Programs

Mark your calendars and plan to join us live for great topics, guest speakers and your questions on Through the Cross with Father Paul. Can’t Join? If you miss a live program you can watch it anytime here on

  • March 28th at 3PM – The Passionists: Part 2

    In this episode, we’ll take a contemporary look at the Passionists – our people, our programs and ministries and our community of faith.

  • April 16th at 3PM – The Sunday Mass: 50 Years and Growing

    We’ll look at the history and some factoids on the Sunday Mass – how it’s produced, who’s watching and where we want to go for the next 50 years.

  • April 30th at 3PM – Becoming a Passionist: Vocations

    We have a team working to bring on the next generation of Passionist Priests, Brothers and Sisters. Learn about them, their work, the vocations and what it takes to be one of the new generation of Passionists.

  • May 14th at 3PM – Getting Away: Retreat Centers

    Passionist Retreat Centers provide special places for people to meet and the Holy Spirit to move - for learning, for rest, for healing and for fellowship. Learn about these places of special hospitality and the lives they touch.