Prayer of the Day

Mar 26, 2020

THURSDAY OF THE FOURTH WEEK OF LENT Dear God, may my conversation with you reflect my real feelings and concerns. Let me pray to deepen my relationship with you rather than to impress others with my piety. Allow me the gift of humility so that I may see myself as you see me. Amen.

Mar 25, 2020

THE ANNUNCIATION OF THE LORD God our Father, Your Word became flesh and was born of the Virgin Mary. May we become more like Jesus Christ, whom we acknowledge as our redeemer, God and man. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Who live and reigns with you and Holy Spirit One God, forever and ever. Amen.

Mar 24, 2020

TUESDAY OF THE FOURTH WEEK OF LENT Dear God, strengthen my belief and lessen my unbelief. May I require less signs and embrace more uncertainty. Allow me to trust that what I ask in your name is done for me, even though I may not see the results as I would have them. Amen.

Mar 23, 2020

MONDAY OF THE FOURTH WEEK OF LENT Dear God, help me to live more fully the love of God and neighbor that I profess with my lips. Help me to be closer to the kingdom of God by acting in accord with the demands of love. May I love you with my whole heart, mind, soul and strength, and my neighbor as myself. Amen.

Mar 22, 2020

FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT Lord Jesus, I am sitting here before you, looking at you on the cross. I know that you died on the cross to save me from my sins and to give me eternal life. I never knew that your outstretched arms were an invitation for me to embrace you on the cross and to join myself Read More...

Mar 21, 2020

SATURDAY OF THE THIRD WEEK OF LENT Father of light, in You is found no shadow of change but only the fullness of life and limitless truth. Open our hearts to the voice of Your Word and free us from the original darkness that shadows our vision. Restore our sight that we may look upon Your Read More...

Mar 20, 2020

FRIDAY OF THE THIRD WEEK OF LENT Dear God, help me to see the good in others and to celebrate their good fortune. Allow my suspicions to be quelled by the good news others' growth and liberation. May all evil be banished from my heart and may I be healed through your loving touch. Amen.

Mar 19, 2020

SAINT JOSEPH, SPOUSE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY Grant, we pray, almighty God, that by Saint Joseph's intercession your Church may constantly watch over the unfolding of the mysteries of human salvation, whose beginnings you entrusted to his faithful care. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, Read More...