Prayer of the Day

Oct 20, 2021


O Glorious St. Paul of the Cross, you believed that the evils of the world were a result of the forgetting of the Sufferings of Jesus. And so you sought to enkindle in people the memory of the Passion and Death of Christ Crucified.

Intercede for us now. Gain for us the grace to appreciate more the Sufferings of Jesus Crucified for us. Help us to he open to the forgiveness and healing that flow from the Cross. Pray for us that we may learn how to come into the presence of Christ Crucified and keep alive His memory in our hearts.

O Saint Paul of the Cross present us, our families and friends to Jesus, now risen at the Father's right hand. Seek aid for us in our weakness and illness, our sinfulness and waywardness. Bear these our pleas to Jesus Crucified. Amen.