Prayer of the Day

Feb 3, 2024

O Blessed St Blaise, you received from God the power to protect men from throat diseases and other maladies. Take away the illness that afflicts me, keep my throat healthy and perfect so that I can talk correctly and be able to proclaim and sing praises to God.
I promise you, St Blaise, that the words coming from my mouth will always speak:
the truth and not lies;
justice and not calumnies;
goodness and not harshness;
comprehension and not intransigence;
forgiveness and not condemnation;
pardon and not accusation;
respect and not disparagement;
conciliation and not intrigue;
calmness and not irritation;
unselfishness and not egotism;
edification and not scandal;
enthusiasm and not defeatism;
conformity and not complaint;
love and not hate;
joyfulness and not sadness;
faith and not disbelief;
hope and not despair.
St Blaise, keep my throat free from illness so that I can praise God, my Creator, and thank you, my protector.