Prayer of the Day

Sep 30, 2022

Through your anger and confrontations you remind us that we all have a duty to confront others from time to time.
You also remind us that we have a duty to examine ourselves and confront our own weaknesses and harmful behaviours.
Your life teaches that I must accept others for who they are.
You taught of the danger of self-righteousness; of the importance of reflecting upon one of Jesus' most insightful teachings: "Let the man who has no sin on his conscience throw the first stone."
In the light of your teachings, Saint Jerome, help me to see my own self clearly.
Help me to confront my own biases and to act to change others only out of love.
If I see that I have the duty to confront another, I ask you to be with me during those necessary but unpleasant moments of confrontation.
Help me to remember that love alone can make changes for the good.