Prayer of the Day

Aug 13, 2019

Somebody knows when your heart aches, And everything seems to go wrong;
Somebody knows when the shadows need chasing away with a song;
Somebody knows when you’re lonely, tired, discouraged and blue;
Somebody wants you to know Him, and know that He dearly loves you.
Somebody cares when you’re tempted, and your mind grows dizzy and dim;
Somebody cares when you’re weakest, and farthest away from Him;
Somebody grieves when you’re fallen, you are not lost from His sight;
Somebody waits for your coming, and He’ll drive the gloom from your night.
Somebody loves you when weary;
Somebody loves you when strong;
Always is waiting to help you,
He watches you— one of the throng needing His friendship so holy, Needing His watchful care so true;
His name? We call His name Jesus; He loves everyone, He loves you. Amen.