Prayer of the Day

May 21, 2016


Gentle Spirit; creator, sustainer and redeemer of all life;

Be with those who are living with cancer, surround them with love and touch their hearts with hope. Grant them the strength and courage to endure the unique pain and loss that cancer has brought into their lives. Be with their families and friends as they experience their own pain and loss. Journey with all those who provide care, touch their minds with understanding and their hands with kindness.

We pray that a way to control this disease will be found. Grant knowledge, skill and perseverance to all those engaged in this search.

Open our hearts to each other, that we may find comfort, joy, love and hope in the sharing of stories and the presence of others.

Finally, we give thanks for all those whose spirits who have reached out to touch our own spirits, and whose journeys have brought joy and love into our lives.

In the Spirit of Peace, Love and Hope. Amen.