Prayer of the Day

Aug 21, 2016


God of mercy and love let us serve you in our world.

We pray for countries where justice seems far away,
where human rights are ignored. Let us remind those in power that prisoners are not forgotten.

We pray that the dignity of life is respected
and remember those who have lost that dignity
through age or infirmity or neglect.

We pray for situations where the sex of a baby may lead to abandonment, where women are not offered the same opportunities, or are actively demeaned or mutilated.

May we act to challenge injustice
and seek to affirm your love for all humankind.

God of mercy and love let us serve you in our world

We pray for those who have no peace - for those who are troubled and torn apart by lack of self esteem
for those who torment and victimize the vulnerable.

We pray for men and women affected by violence in the home
and for those who live by violence.

We pray for those who are trafficked and for those who organize and profit from selling other humans. May they learn of your love and somehow come to newness of life
even in the midst of despair.

God of mercy and love let us serve you in our world
Loving Lord let us not stand aside and tolerate
lack of basic human resources, dehumanizing practices,
or the use of violence to disempower your people.

Give us strength to act and challenge hatred, and instead bring your justice and mercy.

In your name we humbly ask that we may be a channel for your peace and love.