Prayer of the Day

Apr 14, 2019

Lord, we praise you for life, and for the way you make life new.
We praise you for the way you open our eyes to see the wonder of your world and our ears to listen to the song that creation sings to your glory.
We thank you most of all for your Son Jesus Christ.
We praise you that through him you change
our hearts, our minds, and our lives.
On this Passion Sunday we remember his life of goodness,
his healing, his teaching and his love for everyone.
We remember his death on the cross for us.
We praise you that though he seemed to be defeated,
he was the one who won.
Those who hated and rejected him
believed they had defeated him,
but he was the one who was victorious.
We praise you that your love will never be defeated
and your concern will never come to an end.
We praise you for those who have loved their neighbour
and for those who have brought hope to many.
We thank you for those who told us about Jesus
and went on telling us until we finally listened.
Forgive us that we find it so easy to give up and give in;
that we are willing to follow Jesus
only until he wants us to carry a cross.
Forgive us and keep us faithful to him,
so that our lives may be filled with his victory.
For Jesus’ sake. Amen